Fear is my Strength

We Fall We Rise

The definition of recovery is to return to a normal state of mind and strength. Since I started on the road to overcoming my sexual abuse 8 years ago I have worked tirelessly toward obtaining that recovered stage. During this time I have felt weak, emasculated, shame, strong, empowered, angry, confused and sometimes I felt them all at the same time. Usually, it cycles through. I’ll feel strong and empowered as if I reached a point where none of the sexual abuse matters. I reach a place where I no longer feel afraid of him, where I am a champion even if it’s just in my own mind. Then for no reason, it changes. I feel the shame, the fear and it eats at me that at 43 I still struggle with what was done to me at the age of 5…

About 23% of the world’s population doesn’t feel…

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About Gotaway2liveagain

I am a repented man who regrets in partaking in the great american tradition of framing. For the last 20 years prosecution over civil rights violation has been at 4% & not higher. The election of black president & the appointment of a black U.S. Attorney General didn't rise prosecutions. I had to win the lottery to be prosecuted for helping frame Jose Cuevas.
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